World Trip 1999-2000: New Zealand Highlights

Back in late 1999 I set out on my first independent world trip with my best friend Jon Danaher. The trip was broken down into three parts

1) New Zealand: 11 November 1999 to 26 November 1999
2) USA: 26 November 1999 to 27 January 2000 and
3) The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland: 27 January 2000 to 4 March 2000.

This was a 115 day world trip mostly staying in hostels. At the time I wrote a paper journal which I have now turned into an electronic copy. The entries are the same as the hard copy except I have added a “Highlights” section at the start.

The first leg was beautiful New Zealand and my sister Kara joined Jon and myself for this leg. The thing I recall most a out this trip was the amazing beauty of New Zealand and the highly changeable weather. The Tongario National Park hike I doubt I will ever thought as we had to be ‘rescued’ by the retiree group called ‘Walking for Joy’.

The visit to a Maori village although a tourist setup was fun as was the white water rafting at Rotura (plus you never forget the smell).

World Trip 1999-2000 Facebook Photos
New Zealand Journal Entries

Day 1 – Auckland, New Zealand. Highlights: Start of a 117 world trip covering New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom and Ireland. Shadow animals.
Day 2 – Auckland, New Zealand. Highlights: America’s Cup yachts, Ferry ride, Sky Tower, Auckland Museum.
Day 3 – Auckland & Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Highlights: Russell and Maiki (Flagstaff Hill).
Day 4 – Auckland, Cambridge, Waitomo Caves and Rotorua, New Zealand. Highlights: Glow Worms.
Day 5 – Rotorua, New Zealand. Highlights: Hot springs, Tamaki Maori Village.
Day 6 – Rotorua, New Zealand. Highlights: White water rafting.
Day 7 – Rotorua to Turangi, New Zealand. Highlights: Hot bubbling mud.
Day 8 – Turangi, New Zealand. Highlights: Tongario National Park rescue.
Day 9 – Turangi to Wellington, New Zealand. Highlights: Snow capped mountains.
Day 10 – Wellington, New Zealand. Highlights: Wellington Museum, Cable Car Ride, New Zealand Parliament.
Day 11 – Wellington to Picton to Kaikoura, New Zealand. Highlights: Ferry crossing, Scenic train journey.
Day 12 – Kaikoura, New Zealand. Highlights: Local Museum.
Day 13 – Kaikoura to Christchurch, New Zealand. Highlights: Scenic train trip.
Day 14 – Christchurch, New Zealand. Highlights: Christchurch Museum.
Day 15 – Christchurch to Auckland, New Zealand. Highlights: Standby flying.
Day 16 – Auckland to Honolulu, USA. Highlights: International flight.


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