World Trip 1999-2000: Day 16 – Auckland to Honolulu, USA

Friday 26 November 1999
: International flight.

We left Auckland behind as we began our journey to the USA part of of trip for 64 days starting in Honolulu and ending in Los Angeles on Australia Day 26 January 2000.

The first surprise today was the departure tax. I wonder if I while ever get used to overseas travelling and what to research. The flight took about 9 hours and I watched two movies “What Rats Won’t Do” and “Big Daddy”.

After arriving at Honolulu Airport around 2 am we had to go back through security to exchange currencies, I’ll have to be more awake next time. Jon was selected for additional security screening and had his bag opened. It was extremely hot and humid 24 tonight and because of a mix up Jon and myself ended up in different non air conditioned rooms.

We did gained a day after crossing the international dateline meaning we arrived on Friday in the morning after leaving New Zealand on Friday in the afternoon!

World Trip 1999-2000 Facebook Photos

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