World Trip 1999-2000: Day 15 – Christchurch to Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday 25 November 1999
: Miscalculating taxi ride resulting in walking 6 kilometres to hostel.

We got up early at 5.30 am and went to the Christchurch Airport to try and score a standby ticket. We eventually got one but it costs about $195 NZD which was move then then we originally planned. At 10.40 am we were off back to Auckland which we landed around 12.05 pm. One bad aspect was Air New Zealand doesn’t have any in-flight entertainment 😦

At Auckland airport we made a big mistake and decided to take a taxi. The problem being we didn’t have enough money and about 6 kms from our hostel we had to get out and walk the rest of the way with our very heavily backpacks. At the hostel we watched the movie ‘Son of Sam’.

I called home and got to speak to Reagan and Andrew. I assured Andrew his mum is okay and will be back home shortly.

Now for the major USA part of the trip to begin!

World Trip 1999-2000 Facebook Photos

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