Bucket List – To Do

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone


I have had many ‘must do’ experiences in my life which I did and love that I got the chance to experience this amazing world, but you should never be satisfied or think you are done.  You are done when your life is over.  I have more life to experience more places to visit.

These are my bucket list or must do list which is always evolving! I created this more formal online list during August 2014 (updated December 2019) but I had an informal list in my mind since the early 1990s.  The experiences I have completed are listed here, I’ve been very fortunate.

My friends and travels usually inspire new ideas so this list is constantly changing, life is limitless!

  1. Attend an Olympics Games
  2. Take a Cruise around the Caribbean (aiming for 2024)
  3. Visit Seven Wonders of Modern World
    To Do: Petra, Jordan (aiming for 2022 or 2024).
    Done: Taj Mahal, India (2015); Giza Pyramids, Egypt (2009); Colosseum, Italy 2006); Chichen Itza, Mexico (2012); Machu Picchu, Peru (2010); Great Wall of China, China (2006); Christ the Redeemer, Brazil (2009)
  4. Attend all four Tennis Grand Slams
    To Do: French Open (aiming for 2021)
    Done: Wimbledon (June 2009), Australian Open (various years), US Open (August 2019)
  5. Go on an Arctic cruise, see Polar Bears and visit Greenland (aiming for 2026)
  6. Snorkel in The Galapagos Islands (aiming for 2024 with my niece Erin to celebrate her High School Graduation)
  7. Take a dog sled ride
  8. Stay in a Ice Hotel (likely Sweden or Norway)
  9. Visit and hopefully drive across the Florida Keys
  10. Visit the Amazon (planned 2024)
  11. Float in The Dead Sea
  12. Visit Jerusalem
  13. View The Statues on Easter Island
  14. Visit the top most town in Australia (Cooktown)
  15. Visit the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia
  16. Visit 100 countries (77 so far)
  17. See Test Match Cricket in Six Countries (So far Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka, likely other two are England and India)
  18. Be debt free by 2024 (no mortgage and owning my own place)
  19. Retire (comfortably) before age 60 – so before 2034 plan is 2029 or 2030)
  20. Volunteer for minim 6-12 months post retirement (retirement plan)

Damn there is still a lot to do!!


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