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2022 – The Silk Road and Turkey

So with the COVID19 pandemic now having a chance of being under control sometime in the next 12 months, and assuming a working vaccine, I’ve started considering future trip ideas. I was thinking of going ‘off the beaten path’ somewhat, … Continue reading

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Covid-19 and the Victoria Lockdown

My home State Victoria (Australia) on 27 November just completed 28 days without any new COVID-19 cases or deaths and we now have no known active cases at all. It has been a very rocky long road to get to … Continue reading

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Destination: Botswana

Official Name: Republic of Botswana Established: 30 September 1966 Population: 2,254,068 (2018 estimate) Religion: 73% Christianity, 20% No religion, 6% Traditional faiths Language(s): English, Setswana  Capital: Gaborone Order of Visit: Sixty Sixth      First Visit: 28 December 2017 Last Visit: … Continue reading

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Destination: Zambia

Official Name: Republic of Zambia Established: 24 October 1964 (Leaving Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland) Population: 17,351,708 (2018 estimate) Religion: 95.5% Christianity Language(s): English  Capital: Lusaka Order of Visit: Sixty Fifth      First Visit: 24 December 2017 Last Visit: 28 … Continue reading

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Destination: Malawi

Official Name: Republic of Malawi Established: 6 July 1964 (Independence from the United Kingdom) Population: 19,129,952 (2020 estimate) Religion: 77.3% Christianity, 13.8% Islam Language(s): English, Chewa Capital: Lilongwe Order of Visit: Sixty Four      First Visit: 21 December 2017 Last … Continue reading

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