World Trip 1999-2000: Day 1 – Melbourne to Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday 11 November 1999
Highlights: Start of a 117 world trip covering New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom and Ireland. Shadow animals.

While attempting to leave Sunbury Kara’s dog Matty unfortunately got out luckily it only took 15 minutes to find him.  The first leg in New Zealand is with my best friend Jon and sister Kara but we are catching different flights since Jon and myself are on a multi segment Air New Zealand ticket and Kara is on a Qantas return flight. Kara was supposed to catch a 8.45 am Qantas flight but it left around 11.10 am which was just after Jon and me cleared Customs for our 11.35 am flight.

We all stayed at the Auckland City Youth Hostel (YHA) getting there around 6.30 pm local time. Very high quality room with only three beds so we had the room to ourselves. Jon commented that the hostel was very high end.

Walked down Queen Street, the major road in Auckland and sampled Burger King, yes it seems I’m that type of traveller. Stayed up half the night, both Kara (especially) and Jon kept restarting the conversation. Kara seemed particularly interested in how
Jon viewed her.

At about 1 am a pillow flight commenced started by Kara as a payback for Jon shinning his touch directly at her. BTW Kara does terrible shadow animals on the wall!

I still have a slight cold but it will not affect the trip. Should be a great holiday, judging on the ‘fun’ in the room tonight.

World Trip 1999-2000 Facebook Photos


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