World Trip 1999-2000: Day 7 – Rotorua to Turangi, New Zealand

Wednesday 17 November 1999
Highlights: Hot bubbling mud.

After waking up very late at 9.50 am we had to rush to check out by 10 am and not get charged for an extra night, I think an alarm clock is needed.

I haven’t received any replies to the email I send on 13 November from the Bay of Islands. To remind the family I’m still alive I posted my first postcards.

We stopped at Lake Taupo on the way to Taupo on the way to Turangi. The sights were supposed to be great but it turns out the weren’t that good. We also saw a mud pool. The mud is boiling hot and bubbling due to all the volcanic activity in the area.

We arrived early in Turangi and we found little to do until tomorrow. Turangi is our base for a 7 hour hike over 17 kms in the Tongario National Park which should be great. Finished the day drinking home brew and shooting pool which Jon won. I later got revenge by winning at UNO, that is 5 out of 6 times, I should turn professional 🙂

1999-2000 Photos (Facebook)

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