World Trip 1999-2000: Day 10 – Wellington, New Zealand

Saturday 20 November 1999
: Wellington Museum, Cable Car Ride, New Zealand Parliament.

Today we were still tired from the events of the Turangi walk from two days ago however with this being our only full day here we had to get out and about.

Among the places we visited was the Wellington Museum (which is free) and had displays on the make up of the earth’s crust and why New Zealand has so many earthquakes at about 1,5000 per year. The Maori display was interesting as well, a war like people who the British never really beat.

We then went on the cable car to the Wellington gardens which offered some great views. After this Kara went shopping leaving Jon and myself to head to the Federal Parliament.

The Parliament offered and informative tour. It covered the history of New Zealand politics, how they are currently setup and possible future changes. I learnt that they used to have Premiers not Prime Ministers and almost become part of Australia. We also got to go onto the floor of the House of Representatives but they didn’t allow cameras 😦

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