World Trip 1999-2000: Day 5 – Rotorua, New Zealand

Monday 15 November 1999
Highlights: Hot springs, Tamaki Maori Village, the Buried Village of Te Wairoa

Had three beers in the pool last night, two Lion Reds and one Export Gold Ice, later watching Billy Connelly ‘live in Auckland’. Kara matched to get drunk off 3 glasses of wine. These NZ beers aren’t bad.

Saw the “Buried Village – Te Wairoa”. This village was buried after an eruption in 1886 (the most recent one in NZ) Rotorua being classed as an active volcano area (and why there is so much sulphur in the air) . The 1886 eruption destroyed the Pink and White Terraces (hot springs) which were considered a wonder of the world at the time.

Rotorua is very active still, no lava, but heaps of hot springs and mud. It will erupt again, but luckily enough for me not today. We also visited the Rotorua Museum which complimented the “Buried Village’ tour nicely.

The highlight however was easily the “Tamaki Maori Village”. We had an evening of fun and entertainment. Learnt a few Maori words and saw lots and lots of dancing and for dinner was specially cooked underground!

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