Flight review – SQ25 Frankfurt to Singapore

Singapore Airlines
Gate: B46
Seat: 3A (First Window)
Plane: A380-800
Boarded: 11.49
Pushback: 12.25
Departed: 12.36 (Scheduled 12.30)
Arrived: 06.43 (Scheduled 06.50)
Duration: 12 hour 7 minutes
Distance: 10,281 kms

This was the second leg of three flights (with two different airplanes) to get back home to Melbourne, Australia. The previous flight was New York to Frankfurt. The same plane was used for this second leg as the first leg.

Everyone had to depart the airplane while it was serviced and the crew changed. This provided a 1 hour 50 minute transit in Frankfurt before this flight. Note: This review is similar to the first flight on the same A380 plane.

This flight was from the Rhein Main Airport (Frankfurt) to Changi Airport (Singapore).

Airport Check In
Airport Check was done back in New York and I was only in transit in Frankfurt.

As I was travelling in First Class I had access to the Lufthansa Senator Business Class Lounge (review here). While I only had a short transit I was keen for a shower before this 12 hour flight and after a small wait I did enjoy a nice shower.

We boarded from Gate B46 using priority boarding. As I was travelling in First Class I was given first opportunity to board and walked straight passed the economy passengers. Several non Business or First Class passengers were turned back at the gate and told (politely) to get in the correct line.

The Seat
Singapore Airlines A380 First Class seats are arranged by two rows of 1-1 (no centre seats) and two rows 1-2-1 with 12 seats overall. First class seats are massive. To turn into bed mode you need a staff member to make the bed.

My suite for this flight

To turn into bed mode you need a staff member to make the bed. The bed while being on the hard side is still great with a lot of leg room and the two pillows provided were exceptionally soft and comfortable.

The first class seat / suite included a massive Seat Back Entertainment Screen.

Amenity Kit
The amenity kit included associated facial creams and a candle (not to be used on the plane). You are also given slippers, nice pyjamas and facial mask to aid sleeping.

You are provided with pre-departure drink options.

During this flight we had both Lunch after departure and Full Breakfast before arrival in Singapore.

Using the Book the Cook service there were 16 lunch meal choices (see full listing here). I had the Fillet of Veal in Pommery Mustard Sauce which I didn’t actually like, most likely due to be too full. I didn’t have an entree or a dessert either. Dinner was served 90 minutes after take off.


For breakfast I ordered scrambled eggs and chicken sausage with a croissant and orange juice which was very nice. Breakfast was served 2 hours before landing.

Breakfast Fruit Platter


The service was top notch. Every staff member I interacted with called me by my name. They made polite enquires to ensure I everything was fine and I got myself another Singapore Airlines bear 🙂

Entertainment System
The KrisWorld entertainment system was massive. I wanted to mostly sleep on this flight but I still watched several comedy TV shows.

The Flight
The best thing about this 12 hour flight was the suite / bed. I probably slept on and off for around 5-6 hours which really helped with resetting my body clock.

My upset stomach continued to play up but no problems finding a free toilet and a bonus they are bigger than most airplane toilets so easier to move around.

We arrived slightly ahead of schedule. As I was only in transit I didn’t need to pick up my bag, it should find it’s way to Melbourne tomorrow. I did manage eventually to find the KrisFlyer Silver Lounge which houses The Private Room, my base for the next 14-15 hours= while in transit.

Morning just before landing in Singapore

A great flight in comfort. While Singapore Airlines doesn’t have the over the top ‘bing’ or an onboard shower you can feel their strong soft product from their staff. I wasn’t 100% on this flight but it still felt comfortable. All my needs were taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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