World Trip 2019: Day 22 – New York to Frankfurt, Germany

Friday 30 August 2019
Highlights: Singapore Airlines A380 First Class

The thing to keep in mind about Australia and travel is it is so far away. My return home started on Thursday evening in New York (USA), which was Friday morning back home, and it will take almost 48 hours to get back there.

To be fair I probably could have gotten home in 28-30 hours but I wanted to sample Singapore Airlines First Class product. I have previously taken three Emirates First Class flights on A380 and B777 back in 2017 when travelling to Africa. However this time I wanted to do it when returning to Australia so I could keep all the goodies. With Award Saver flights found almost 11 months ago I booked these flights despite being caught with a 15 hour transit in Singapore.

The trip back started with SQ25 New York to Frankfurt a 7 hour 6,206 kilometre trip on an A380. This was a very comfortable and enjoyable flight. I even managed to obtain a Singapore Airlines bear along with Krug and Dom Perignon to drink (full review here).

Arriving in Frankfurt at local time 10.15 am I had a short 2 hour transit which I mostly spent at the fine Lufthansa Frankfurt Senator Lounge C (full review here). I mostly used this lounge for a shower and change of clothes. Jetlag was definitely a factor as I only slept at most 2 hours on the previous flight which New York time (and my body clock) was through the night.

The one notice thing was Frankfurt was very warm just like every place I’ve been on this trip. However Melbourne will be very cold and a stock to the system when I get back.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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