Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 28 Nungwi Beach to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Tuesday 19 December 2017. Photos Zanzibar & Tanzania.
Highlights: Watching the sun come up at Nungwi Beach

I found myself waking up early at Nungwi Beach so instead of going back to sleep I went out into the restaurant area and wrote blog entries for the last few days while watching the sun slowly rise. The weather was amazing when it was light but the sun wasn’t yet up. I really wished I could have gone for a swim but that would have meant packing wet clothes.

I did enjoy the buffet breakfast when they stated serving at 7.30 am. Roz and Arran were successfully picked up from their AirBnB accommodation and at 9.40 am we left to go back to Stone Town and to reunite with the rest of the group who had done their own thing. Luckily everyone showed up at the Port Terminal on time. Unfortunately the terminal is basically an area cover with tin so you end up extremely hot, I didn’t enjoy sweating for 30 minutes waiting to board.

The crossing on the ferry took just under 2 hours. The economy area was very full and as a result I didn’t get out of my window seat as it would have caused issues with other passengers. After re-entering Tanzania we ended up walking for around 20-25 minutes from the main Port terminal to a local small Port Terminal for a short water crossing to the island we are staying on. From here it was another 10 minute walk to a pick up area for our truck and then after a food shop stop we were back at our campsite.

I missed out on the basic upgrade option and after a lot of confusion I ended up in the expensive upgrade cabin. A waste of money in many ways but better than putting up a tent in an area with a lot of ants. Tomorrow we leave at 5 am for an expected 13 hour drive day.

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