Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 29 Dar Es Salaam to Iringa, Tanzania

Wednesday 20 December 2017. Photos.
Highlights: The wildlife in Mikumi National Park, the landscape

I slept though my 4.00 am alarm and woke with a start at 4.20 am. Luckily I always have me gear for the day ahead already out the night before. Unluckily I ended up leaving my iPhone headphones behind meaning I had to use my backup pair on todays 13 hour 600 km drive.

There were few highlights today but we did drive through the Mikumi National Park which provide some quick views of a giraffe, baby elephants and some zebra. As we were heading up into the mountains we also got to see some different landscape. I actually enjoyed the short spells of rain we got during this drive. For the first time in a while I ended up putting my jacket on.

We didn’t arrive into camp until after sunset at around 7.15 pm and the campsite was very damp from the rain. I ended up upgrading to a basic room in what was previously the stables with Tera. The campsite provided the group with a cooked meal instead of Duncan having to make something for us. After dinner most of us went to the reception / bar and enjoyed a brownie and hot chocolate, although I did not partake on this occasion.

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