Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 27 Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

Monday 18 December 2017. Photos.
Highlights: Local shopping, walking on the beach

A full relaxing day on the beach and at the resort. After breakfast I went out shopping with Tera at some different local curio shops. While I hadn’t been expecting to buy anything I did end up getting a small lion for Indie back home given I’d seen a photo of her with Christmas present yesterday. I just couldn’t help myself.

There actually were quite a lot of cats and kittens in this area, most looked okay. A come across a pair of kittens a few times across the day, a little underfed, I wish I could have taken them both home especially the one who started climbing my chess to get closer.

After shopping Tera and me headed back to the resort along the beach but somehow we missed our hotel and ended up walking along the beach for some time. This allow us to see the various activities including crab fishing on the coast during low tide.

During the late afternoon we had planned to go out on a boat for some snorkelling and drinking as the sun went down but unfortunately the weather was a little too rough for this. Instead we had a few drinks at a local restaurant on the beach and enjoyed another beach swim which at the end of I manage to be knocked over head over ass by an unexpectedly strong wave, very classy I guess 🙂

The sunset was again magnificent.

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