World Trip 2009-2010: Day 34 – La Paz to Copacabana to Puno, Peru

Wednesday 30 December 2009
Highlights: Cute baby llamas

Getting up at 6.45 am we packed our bags and went down to breakfast. Andrew tried salt pancakes (by accident) but I thought it was funny. We caught a bus to San Pedro de Tiquina which was right on the edge of Lake Titicaca from there we caught a small boat across the smallest part of the lake.

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake at this high of altitude, at some points you can’t even see the end, it was like looking at the ocean, you had to remind yourself you were at 3,800 metres above sea level. Then we arrived at Copacabana for lunch and a quick walk around this beautiful city. Andrew, Karen and I managed to buy some gifts and snacks; I managed to use up all of our Bolivian money.

Karen took some photos of cute baby llamas and got out of paying, on top of that she bargained for some great gifts on our behalf.  After this short stop we approached the border and played the game of we have ‘no guide’ (it’s a visa issue) however we did managed to enter Peru without any problems, other them walking between the countries with heavy bags.

On how bus ride to Puno Titch played ABBA songs in Spanish, at least until the driver had had enough 🙂  After getting some local currency we went out to dinner and I had the alpaca, very nice indeed. Andrew had the Lake Titicaca fish.

Tomorrow we head of to visit islands on the lake and stay with a local family; hopefully New Year’s Eve should be as good as our Christmas.

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