World Trip 2009-2010: Day 33 – La Paz, Bolivia

Today sees us start the 3rd and last leg of the South American tour, later tonight we will met our new tour leader and two new tour members. Renato, Monica, Lance and Martin leave today. Lance, Indu, Andrew, me, Emma, Karen and Gareth booked a city tour for the day. It was good to see Karen again after she missed last night. After a small problem with me not appearing on the tour list we headed off to the Witches Market. At this time Andrew had to make an emergency trip back to the hotel, obviously the vindaloo challenge from the night before was too much! After the market we visited the San Francisco Church which was magnificent (and dark) inside. You just have to watch out for the beggars, oh and the zebra crossers who are trying to teach the locals to brake at zebra crossings. We got a look at the Supreme Court which at one point was a rich man’s house, then we moved onto the major square and saw the La Paz Cathedral which again was a rich man’s house (the rich had great houses in the past). From the square we also saw the Congress and the Presidential Palace (complete with Presidential Guards).

A visit to a local museum told the story of La Paz; it held some great masks used for carnival in the past. From here we drove to the Moon Valley via some rich and expensive houses. In La Paz the rich stay in the lower part of the town, this is because it’s easier to breath, it’s warmer and more things grow, so you have the situation were downtown is actually higher by about 1,000 metres. The moon valley is awesome, you feel like you are on the moon, in about 60 years however it will be gone so I was glad I got to see it. After the tour ended I went and found Andrew was feeling a little better and that our clothes had been returned and we could again sit down with our fellow tour members.

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