Debutants and baby minding

My nephew (Andrew) had his debutant ball (or presentation night) last weekend.   Basically a night when 16-17 old girls get to dress up in formal white dresses, get limos, make-up and presents and the boys get to escort them and dance with them.   They have to practise for something like 10 weeks.    Anyway since Andrew’s parents went to the night I got to look after my baby niece (and god daughter), it turned out to be so much fun.   She started out crying (she loves her parents) but after a little while she decided it was time to play, the transition was amazing!   She’d take me from one side of the house to the other, picking up things wanting to play.   She has this small indoor slide, at one point she got quiet and I haven’t seen her for about 2 minutes I found her sitting on the slide she was waiting for me to watch and cheer her on!   Erin even put her hands in the air after doing a roll 🙂

Got the pleasure of feeding Erin, playing with her and even had to change her!   A really great night, I understand how people get tired looking after young children but boy its fun as well.   Erin is so cute and loves playing little games and even spying on you when she doesn’t think you are watching.

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