New Position

Since February I began working as a Director, a position I just finished last week.    It was an interesting 3 months, I had to deal with a health issue effecting staff that meant the workforce had to be changed from full time to part time (with shifts).   Hard to tell people that they could no longer to a job that they were very good at due to a job design issue effecting people’s health. Still it’s the right thing, I didn’t want staff having long term health issues after they retire or leave.   As a former rehabilitation officer I’ve seen people who get injured at work and have the condition for the rest of their life, that’s never justifiable to affect someone’s life like that. Anyway I’m returning to the Superannuation area but in a higher level job.   I’m now responsible for delivering several major superannuation projects over the next few months; most that still have outstanding issues especially relating to computers.   Over the past 15 months my work has challenged me and there is no doubt that the expanded working hours, weekend work,   consistent travelling and high pressure to deliver have affected my health.

I somehow have to get back on track, need to remind myself that it’s only a job and a means to an end i.e. to have the financial freedom to enjoy life, travel and met people.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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