World Trip 1999-2000: Day 58 – Buffalo and Niagara Falls, USA and Canada

Thursday 6 January 2000
The stunning Niagara Falls.

Today we set off for the beautiful and stunning Niagara Falls.  The Falls actually divides Canada and the USA which meant my first ever visit to Canada happened today!

You can see the Falls from both sides but the Canadian side offers the most  magnificent  views while the USA side is more side on.  Nature has. Related an awesome sight and even from the top you still get sprayed with water.  Seeing frozen water around the Falls was hard to comprehend, I mean the water is moving so fast how can it freeze in the stream, I guess it just gets that cold.  The ice added to the beauty of the place.


It was weird walking into another country.  I had to wake up the Canadian guard in order to get my passport stamped.  In Australian leaving and crossing into another country is such a big deal, but not at a USA – Canadian crossing obviously.

We caught a movie, the excellent ‘Being John Mavovich’ and caught the 11.30 pm overnight bus to Chicago.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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