World Trip 1999-2000: Day 57 – Buffalo, USA

Wednesday 5 January 2000
Free falling snow!!

The bus arrived at 7.15 am, surviving another overnight bus trip we found out we couldn’t check in to the hostel until 3 pm 😦 This gave us a chance to explore Buffalo.  The major Mall bans anyone under 18 during the weekday, hard to imagine this anyway else, I guess they don’t want mallrats and are encouraging school attendance.

At 9 am we noticed people buying pizzas, quite unbelievable.  We visited the local Library, not for learning but for the free internet to check emails and replies.  It’s getting easier to connect with home with free internet.

We then bought $4.50 tickets to watch the ‘Green Mile’.  Not a bad movie but it tries a little too much at times to play on your emotions.

We have revised our future schedule dropping Cheyenne and Salt Lake City and adding Santa Fe and probably Denver. We have also added an overnight stay in Deadwood switching from Rapid City in South Dakota.

It then snowed!!! The first time in my life I got to watch snow dropping from the sky.  Something I so wanted to see on Christmas Day in New York had finally happened.  In Australia you have extremely hot December and January but you watch movies with snow at the same time.  I run outside like a little kid, watch snow flakes on my tongue, it was pure joy…… for about 10 minutes then I realise just how cold it has to be to snow :).  Still what an experience!

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