Lounge Review – Cathay Pacific Hong Kong “The Deck” Business Class Lounge

When visited: October 2018
Time of day: Evening (9.20 pm to 10.10 pm)

Rating: 3.5 / 5

– Flying either First or Business class on a Cathay Pacific or Oneworld partner airline flight later that day.
– Diamond and Gold members of The Marco Polo Club flying an international flight later that day on Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Cathay partner airline or Oneworld partner airline
– Oneworld Emerald or Sapphire members whose next onward flight that day carries a Oneworld flight number
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

The above is just a quick summary of the access rules which you should check before attempting to visit.

I had access to this lounge as both a Qantas Platinum member (Oneworld Emerald) and additionally I would have had access due to flying on Cathay Pacific in business class back home to Melbourne, Australia (review to be added).

Gate 16, Level 7, North Concourse (enter on Level 6)

Upon entering the Lounge you have several options, there is a standard table area, a booth serving area and ‘outdoor’ sitting area overlooking the departure gates (this would be the ‘Deck’ area).

There are a range of laid back seating chair types all of which are comfortable and cozy. If you come during the day you would get significant light from the ‘outdoor’ deck but probably not for the indoor sitting areas.

While I wasn’t really interested in eating you could order from the Noodle Bar items like wonton noodles, fish ball noodles and dan dan noodles.

There was also a self serve buffet area from which you could make sandwiches of grab some fruit, alcohol, soft drinks, water or similar items.

There are toilets and showers but they were cleaning them during me stay and I need them them so didn’t really check them out. There is also magazines and newspapers in several locations. The wifi service provided was at reasonable speeds. Very limited access to power points or USB chargers which is disappointing if you don’t grab a spot with this access.

The Noodle Bar.

Lack of power charging outlets.

I was tired of lounges at this point just wanting to get on my flight home so I might have missed some of the charm for this lounge. It appeared that this would be a good average business class lounge if you have 1-2 hours to kill before your flight. If you can score a booth (they were all taken when I was there) this would be an even better experience.

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