World Trip 2018: Day 18 Hong Kong International Airport

Monday 29 October 2018.
Highlights: Shoulder & Neck Massage, Private Cabana

So this was the last full day of the trip and it was all about exploring and enjoying the Hong Kong Airport and the various Cathay Pacific Lounges that I had access to as a Qantas Platinum membership (which expires in January 2019).

My stay at the Regal Hong Kong Airport Hotel originally was supposed to have me checking out at 9 am but it turned out I needed to late check out after all. After sleeping though the day on Sunday I was still very tired today and didn’t leave the hotel until noon.

Cathay Pacific allows you to check into your flight up to 24 hours before the flight, this is extraordinary as the standard is 3 hours and it allows me to finish exploring the lounges I started with 2 weeks ago (see Lounge Reviews). Over the course of this trip I would visit 8 different lounges making this a lounge crawl trip as well as a visit to Nepal and Tibet.

Armed with the knowledge of previous lounge visit this time I headed straight to Cathay’s The Pier First Class Lounge which is the furtherest lounge from passing security to airside. This time I booked my Spa appointment on arrival (I had to wait 2.5 hours to be buzzed for the appointment) and I had time to a desert with my lunch meal. The free “reinvigorating neck, shoulder and scalp massage” was amazing and this is now my favourite lounge I’ve ever visited (revised review here).

Time for a massage in The Pier Lounge

Heading back to the main terminal area I then visited Cathay’s The Bridge business class lounge. This is obviously a set down from first class lounges but the hand made pizza and the Haagen-Dazs Ice cream were great (full review here).

Then it was back to Cathay’s The Wing First Class Lounge. I booked a private cabana (took about 35 minutes to be available) and enjoy a very relaxing bath in a private room. I then headed over to the Noodle Bar in The Wing’s Business Class Lounge to enjoy some noodle soup (once again very nice).

The Wing Private Cabana Room

From here I explored the airport somewhat using the last of my Hong Kong dollars before finding my final lounge of the trip Cathay’s The Deck business class lounge. By this point I was ‘exhausted’ from all the luxury so probably didn’t enjoy the lounge as must as most would (full review here).

At this point I just wanted to be on my way home so I slowly made me way to departure Gate 25 from my Cathay Pacific Business Class flight to Melbourne which left after midnight. I was very comforted by the thought that I had experienced everything I wanted to achieve during this 19 days on the road. I’ll never forget experiencing Everest and the Tibetan countryside up close. But it was time to return to reality.

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