World Trip 2012-13 USA Highlights

The USA leg of my world trip was a quick 9 day visit with a lot of plane trips to get to the three locations; Washington, New York and Orlando. This trip was planned to meet up with my mother so you could visit the East Coast of the US which she wanted to do but not by herself, especially after her recent hip surgery.

My expectations for this leg were not particularly high as I’d been to all of this places before although more than 12 years ago in the case of Orlando and Washington. In the end I was pleasantly surprised. The guided tours of both Washington and New York showed me places I’d missed or things at places I had visited but failed to noticed. Washington in particular was definitely worth the trip. One day I’d like to have a lengthy visit and go to all of the Smithsonian Museums, it’s still a rough chance I might one day get a posting in Washington which would be awesome. I also really enjoyed my Orlando theme park visits in particular Universal Studios and the night-time 100 year of films spectacular.

This was the luxury phase of my trip before going to first Cuba and then Central America. The Central America leg in particular will be very basic stays with young people who I’m guessing will what to see the sights and go drinking. The US is a place I’m sure I’ll visit again, Las Vegas is always and option but I’d also like to get back to New Orleans. The strong Australian dollar also makes it easier. My replacement iPhone 4S was $120 cheaper in the USA then if I had bought it back home. I’m almost half way into this 139 day trip.

USA Photos

Journal entries:
Day 57 – Miami to Washington DC. Highlights: My bag arrives before me, Upgrade at the Hilton

Day 58 – Washington DC. Highlights: US Capitol Building, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, FDR Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Marine Corps Memorial (Iwo Jima), The White House, Thomas Jefferson Monument

Day 59 – Washington DC. Highlights: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Day 60 – Washington DC to New York City. Highlights: Bus ride to New York City, Times Square

Day 61 – New York City, USA (Part 1). Highlights: Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, New York Stock Exchange, World Trade Centre

Day 61 – New York City, USA (Part 2). Highlights: Disney and M&M Shopping, Phantom of the Opera

Day 62 – New York City. Highlights: New York Shopping

Day 63 – New York City to Orlando. Highlights: Universal Studios especially Cinematic Spectacular and Rockit roller coaster

Day 64 – Orlando. Highlights: Walt Disney World Parks “The Magic Kingdom” and “Hollywood Studios”

Day 65 – Orlando to Mexico. Highlights: Business Class flights, Mexico City Immigration (not).

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