World Trip 2012-13: Day 62 – New York City, USA

Tuesday 27 November 2012
Highlights: Shopping at the Manhattan Mall

The last full day in New York City and it decides to rain. Actually this showed just how lucky we have been to this point as the days outside have all been fine. As a result of the bad weather is we decided not to go to the Empire State Building as the views would be restricted. No big deal for me as I’ve been two times before but slightly disappointing for my mother.

She made up for that disappointment by visiting the Manhattan Mall instead :). Now this particular visit worked out for me as well since I managed to purchase New Balance runners for the next 2 months of my trip. At $40 I considered this to be a bargain. We also managed to purchase some Christmas gifts. I’m expecting my family to mail mine to me in Mexico 🙂

We had lunch at McDonalds with a promise this would be our last visit to this American restaurant. While seated we had a beggar come up asking for money, this is actually a common experience of people coming onto the premises and asking for money.

We collected our stored bags, tipping the bagman, and hiked to Penn Station to catch a train to Jamaica station via the Long Island Rail Road service. The station station is a little difficult as their are some many different services from the same station like Amtrak and the Subway. Carrying my bags and pulling my mums meant I was keen to find the right train!

Once at Jamaica we caught the Airtrain to JFK Airport. We only had to go one station but the price is the same $5 each. A shuttle bus pick up and we were at the Hampton Airport Hotel ready for our very early flight tomorrow.

USA Photos

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