World Trip 2012-13: Day 61 – New York City, USA (Part 2)

Monday 26 November 2012
Highlights: Disney and M&M Shopping, Phantom of the Opera

After the long and memorable day seeing the sights of New York (Part 1) the late afternoon was spent shopping in Times Square and waiting for our Broadway Show “The Phantom of the Opera”. Mum wasn’t really up to walking back to our hotel and then returning to Times Square so after the tour ended we ended up shopping instead. In many ways this was a goo result.

I can’t help but notice the smiles of joy and the innocence on the childrens faces at the Disney Store and at M&M World. I know it is a dreamworld but it got me thinking about when we lose that innocence and about all the children of the word who either never get to experience it or have it taken away to soon. I could help but contrast this with my earlier visit to the World Trade Centre. How many children lost their innocence that day when a parent didn’t return home or just be watching what happened or by the conflicit and fighting after that day. Isn’t it the responsibility to try and help our children, all children, to be happy and feel love. Has our generation failed that?

That night we went to the Phantom of the Opera. While in line we got to talk to Isabella, at ten year old, and her mother. Isabella was so happy to be going to the theatre with her mum. She taled about how her younger brothers wouldnt have been able to sit and watch the entire show without moving. She has so happy to be here and spending time with her mother.

The queue to get into the Majestic theatre was enormous however I’d estimated that there was probably only 75% full once inside. Mum had a few problems walking up the two levels and then six rows to our seats. It turns out “R MEZZ” means top back of theatre. My mum has seen this show i think seven times and she went though all the actors she had seen in the title role believing Rob Guest (now deceased) to be the best one. I myself have now seen this particular show in Melbourne, Las Vegas and New York. While I’m not as big a fan of the shw as my mum some of the songs and really move you.

Around 11 pm we started the walk back to our hotel and based on our conversation my mum really enjoyed the performance and herself which was the whole point of the visit.

USA Photos

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