World Trip 2012-13: Day 60 – Washington DC to New York City, USA

Sunday 25 November 2012
Highlights: Bus ride to New York City, Times Square

Another good breakfast a the grand Capital Hilton and mum and myself took off to walk the 2.8 km to the Washington Deluxe Bus departure location at DuPont Circle. After a short distance we worked out it was better for me to take both mum’s bag and my own. I expect I gained some muscles.

After heading for the wrong bus we eventually got on the right one and we were off on our 5 hour bus ride. Mum ended up being the only one with a spare seat next to her which is good since it was only a few months ago she had her hip replaced. The bus had (slow) wifi which allowed me to update my blog and travel related postings.

It was a different way to travel to New York City seeing the Manhattan skyline come into view is always exciting. We also got to experience the traffic of New York and travel under the Hudson River. Check in at the hotel went well and our room was larger than I expected for Manhattan.

Later that night we headed for Times Square so my mum could experience the heart of this city. On the way we visited a few shops like Macy’s and Champs. Mum chatted up a local cop named Andy and got her photo taken with him and his police car, very cool actually since I would have liked to have done.

USA Photos

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