World Trip 2012-13: Europe Highlights

Today marks the end of the second leg of my world trip to Europe. This was a quick leg of only 11 days (12 counting today) covering Iceland, England, Germany and Spain but still had a lot of highlights in particular in Iceland.

Iceland is a place that has always fascinated me, maybe it´s because it is so far away from Australia. The landscape of Iceland is not o be missed, it´s like being on another planet really. The temperature can get a bit extreme but there are a lot of spas, but man made and natural. Spain surprised me a little with my visit to Segovia being a major highlight. It´s funny how you can put little thought into some placesbut then come away very happy.

That is always what happen with the catch up with Gareth and Emma and their two young boys Henry and George. This wasn´t on the cards but I got to see some great people and play with their boys, top stuff really. Gareth even dropped my off to see “Yes Prime Minister” so that made it a great night. The day bike riding was also a surprise finding canals and inlets I never knew existed so close to Central London.

The protests in London and Madrid also highlighted the ecomonic problems Europe is currently experiencing.

Facebook photos


Day 18-19 Reykjavik. Highlights: Surviving 48 hours flying to Iceland!
Day 20 Reyjavik. Highlights: Hallgrimskirkja (city) Cathedral, Northern Lights
Day 21 Reyjavik. Highlights: ATV riding in the hills and swimming at the Blue Lagoon
Day 22 Reyjavik. Highlights: Rugged Iceland countryside, walking on a glacier
Day 23 London. Highlights: Catching up with the Williams, Yes Prime Minister performance
Day 24 London. Highlights: Protests at Westminster, Spies and Spycatchers tour
Day 25 London. Highlights: 20 mile bike ride around London, Canals, Sunday market at Brick Lane
Day 26 Frankfurt. Highlights: None just a travelling day 😦
Day 27 Heidelberg. Highlights: Heidelberg Castle
Day 28 Madrid. Highlights: Madrid illiminated, Flamenco dancing show
Day 29 Segovia. Highlights: Segovia Alcazar (Castle), Segovia Cathedral, Aqueduct of Segovia, Walled city of Avila

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