World Trip 2012-13: Day 24 – London, England

Saturday 20 October 2012
Highlights: Protests at Westminster, Spies and Spycatchers tour

I overslept slightly, I blame the super soft Hilton bed. I had a very enjoyable English Breakfast in the Executive Lounge, no wonder high flying executives get overweight with all this free and high fat food available.

I learned I couldn’t get a ticket to the West Ham vs Southampton match so it was onto a great Plan B – a London Walking Tour (these guys are alway brilliant ). This started with getting the Tube to London Bridge and strolling around enjoying London.

I saw the new landmark building the Shard that Gareth mentioned yesterday and Tower Bridge and the Tower of London which are both very special places. Looking down side streets I found some great looking Malls, that’s the thing with London lots of history and amazing places down most alleyways.

I then walked towards Westminster, as I wanted to see Big Ben, and I walked right into an anti austerity protest. This was a huge protest lead by the union movement and Green Party. At least this was peaceful unlike some Spanish and Greek anti austerity protests. I don’t particularly want to see a protest in Madrid later next week 🙂

The Spies and Spycatchers Walk was enjoyable, especially for all the stories.  UK had a lot of double agents working for the Soviets but they also had a few working for them that caused the Germans problems during World War II.

Photos Europe Leg

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