World Trip 2012-13: Day 23 – Reykjavik to London, England

Friday 19 October 2012
: Meeting Henry and George, West End Show – Yes Prime Minister

Early start to the day getting up at 4 am for my 4.30 am transfer to the airport. Hotel opened up their dining room for a light breakfast which I thought was cool of them to do. Easy enough flight back to London, I watched “This Means War”. Icelandair provides good inflight entertainment options.

Border Control was interesting once again was the officers wanted to know my travel plans and obviously had concerns I wasn’t returning to Australia until February 2013. You’d think no one in England went on 4 month holidays.

On checkin at Canary Wharf Hilton I was informed I’d been upgraded from basic room to King Executive. This was based on my free Hilton Honours Gold status match I got earlier in the year. Very cool as you get free breakfast ad entry to the Executive Lounge (which has free drink and some snacks after 3 pm) plus early checkin. It was worth figuring this out and hopefully a good sign for future Hilton stays.

Emma Williams then contacted my after seeing my Facebook checkin and we quickly organised a catch up. I hadn’t seen her or Gareth since the 2009 South America trip and they now had to wonderful little boys Henry and George. Loved playing with both the boys, they are starting to work things out. Emma and Gareth provided a English dinner – Fish n Chips and Gareth drove me to my show that night. Awesome couple.

That night I went and watched the “Yes Prime Minister” production at Trafalgar Studios. Always loved this show growing up and this new production was hilarious. I scored a seat second row in this intimate venue, actors obviously were only 2 metres away. Great night.

Returning to the Hilton I found a welcome letter and a couple of little food gifts. If only they realised this was my first stay since joining, although I did stay last year in Sydney during the trial I testified in.

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