World Trip 2012-13: Day 27 – Frankfurt and Heidelberg, Germany

Tuesday 23 October 2012
Highlights: Heidelberg Castle

I had originally planned to go on this tour at 3.30 pm but last night it was moved to 9.30 am. This meant an earlier start, the hotel breakfast (from my unearned Hilton status) involved a huge selection.

It was then off to the train station for a return trip into Frankfurt and from here start the tour to Heidelberg. The train ticket cost 8 Euros and the trip took about 15 minutes, a very good service that we should have in Melbourne from our airport. The iPhone map function helped a great deal in finding the tour bus office I think I’m going to use this more function more often.

The small bus took about 1 hour to get to Heidelberg. We started at the castle and the second I got off the bus I regretted not wearing warmer clothes :(. The Heidelberg Castle was original built in 1214 and was rebuilt during the 17th century. The views from the castle of the city below where stunning. The castle itself was magnificent which houses a 250,000 litre barrel to store wine. A previous caretaker drank wine all his life, when he first drank water he died that day! Apparently in the Middle Ages wine was drank way more than water due to waters bad quality.

After a quick lunch we headed down to the city of 140,000 residents. The town is known as the romantic town due to the extensive use of red stones. A lot of the city burned down in the 17th century and was rebuilt so for Europe most of the buildings were not very old, only 300-400 years. The local cathedral at one point cover both Protestants and Catholics. They just but a wall inside the church to separate the groups, much better than how the rest of Europe dealt with the problem.

Returning to Frankfurt I was put off walking around the city by both my research not finding much interesting to me and due to the poor and cold weather. Have to give it to the Germans their train system is efficient which I experienced back in 2006 going to a World Cup match.

Big day planned tomorrow traveling to Spain and going to a show. The Argentina and the Antarctica leg of this trip are fast approaching.

Photos Europe Leg

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