World Trip 2012-13: Day 28 – Frankfurt to Madrid, Spain

Wednesday 24 October 2012
Highlights: Madrid at night tour, Flamenco dancing show

There is definitely something to be said for being able to walk to the airport terminal from your hotel room. I’m always worried about getting delayed, not much chance of that when you are staying at the airport. I did learn today that flying to Madrid means less security as it is part of Europe but my last flight from here to the UK did not get the same consideration, interesting since I thought they were both part of the EU.

No major problem with the short 2.5 hour flight, no inflight entertainment but that is what the iPhone and game apps aero for I suppose. Caught the metro train to my hotel which only costs 5€ and 2 train changes. I finish all major cities had a train option, I’m looking at Melbourne here and my upcoming trip to Buenos Aires.

Tonight I had booked a Madrid Illumination and Flamenco Dancing tour. Basically a bus ride around the city at night with commentary provided by a guide first in Spanish and later English. I’ve previously been to Madrid in 2006 as a backpacker but seeing Madrid at night like this was different and very, well illuminating.

Then it was off to flamenco dancing at the Florida Club. The included dinner was nice, I ended up having a table to myself, the positive / negative of being a single traveller. I’ve really got to find someone for my next world trip.

The dancing has amazing and very energetic and went for over 2 hours. At times the dancing reminded me of ballet with the graceful movements, especially from the ladies. The half bottle of red wine might have made the night even better.

The bus top me off a little bit from my hotel but the map function of the iPhone makes the life of a traveller a lot easier 🙂

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