World Trip 2012-13: Day 21 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Wednesday 17 October 2012
Highlights: ATV riding on the Reykjanes peninsula, Swimming at the Blue Lagoon.

Thermals was the name of the game today, both internal (underwear) and external (geothermal). My Antarctica gear was pulled out for the first time and I realised I don’t have my gloves -:(

Today I had schedule an ATV ride and a visit to the Blue Lagoon both in the same area, the Reykjanes peninsula. At 8.30 am hotel pickup and I was off. It turned out there were only 4 people doing the ATV activity, 2 singles (including me), and 2 friends so three ATV needed. First we had to put on overall, meaning I had 4 layers of clothing on, so I appreciated later. We received a 2 minute safety / driving lessen and off we went.

Unlike the ATV riding I did in Egypt in 2009 this felt way more dangerous, instead of sand to crash / fall onto, this time I had hard rocks and steep hills to fall down. The ride went for about 1.5 hours and was incredible. The heart got pumping every major down hill and even some sharp turns on up hill parts. We cracked open a lot of frozen water but suffered no crashes. The air was especially crisp today. From the highest point we looked down on the geothermal station and the Blue Lagoon. And enjoyable event.

Next up was the Blue Lagoon. It was expensive to visit, about $70 Australian dollars but worth it. They give you an electronic wrist band to open you locker and pay for drinks and food. Free wifi is also supplied. Before swimming in the lagoon you must take a shower without your bathers on, most of the showers were open affairs (inside the enclose male change rooms) so lots of male nudity to start.

The lagoon is an amazing experience. Naturally heated to around 28 degrees different sections are hotter then the overall. I just floated around the lagoon for hours. I also tried on the face mud place around the lagoon. It is supposed to open up your skin. The lagoon waters are also supposed to be good for your health. A lot of visitors were more interested in buying beers while in the water. A natural treasure to be sure and a must do in this country.

In the gift shop I purchased gloves. I’m assuming a country this cold would have make and sell very good cold weather gloves. I’ll find out how good tomorrow for my glacier tour and hike away.

Photos Europe Leg.

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