World Trip 2009-2010: Day 57 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Friday 22 January 2010
Highlights: Harness Racing at Addington

Around 8.45 am Erin headed in Andrew and my room to try and wake up Andrew, now this is a very difficult task, some would say near impossible. After Erin yelled his name about 14 times and jumped on the bed she had some success.

I walked down the street to get a much needed haircut; I felt much better afterwards and enjoyed speaking to a local hairdresser. The plan was to go on a ‘punt’ ride, basically a gondola ride, down the river in Christchurch. The rain paid a quick end to these plans. McDonalds again figure in our eating, this time as breakfast, I think I’ll have to watch this or our start gaining weight very quickly.

With new plans we headed out to the Dress Smart Factory outlet. Now I’m not a big shopper usually but I did find some very good tennis shoes and a yellow tennis top, both were discounted already and I got another 30% on the Adidas Shop Friday special.  From here we went to a regular shopping centre and I ended up buying 4 PS3 games for $123 NZD which was an incredible deal. Finally I paid for a replacement pedometer having destroyed my last one in Ilha Grande way back in early December. Hopefully this will motivate me to keep up my physical activity for the New Zealand trip.

After a quick pit stop back to the hotel during which Andrew shaved off his wolfman look, we headed off to a night of Harness Racing at the Addington track in Christchurch.  We paid for a fairly good buffet style diner. While we didn’t do very well (I was the only one to back one winner) it was still enjoyable. The races were called off after the 6th race due to the wet track officially rated slushy (I’m not kidding). Hopefully the rain will stop at some point during this trip.

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