World Trip 2009-2010: Day 58 – Christchurch – Dunedin, New Zealand

Saturday 23 January 2010
Highlights: Historic buildings at Oamaru

Andrew again today struggled to get up which turned out bad for him as Jason, Erin and Kara were ready early. Our drive out of Christchurch was uneventful even if it rained for the better part of the day. The Highway No. 1 is well made and has lots of good views of the countryside (especially when the rain lifts).

We did a short stop at Temaru for breakfast and a bigger stop at the historic city of Oamaru.  We had hoped to see some penguins but unfortunately they only return to land at night. However the 120-130 year old buildings built in Roman / Greek style with limestone made up for this disappointment. We even got to watch a short film on the bloom and blast of the city port.



From here we went onto Dunedin and after a few false starts managed to find our hotel. Andrew settled into watching the tennis while the rest of us visited the beach and checked out the area. On finding mini-golf we went back and got Andrew so we could start the Dunedin PGA Championship. Jason won easy, Andrew came second when I fluffed the last hole, and Kara came fourth while Erin just enjoyed hitting the ball around the course.

Dinner was a KFC Family meal; I’m really getting into bad habits. Somehow I comforted myself by saying I was having Spirite Zero yes I have fallen so low. At least I did more than 10,000 steps. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting a brewery and hopefully an aquarium and a few other local attractions. As the weather finally cleared up late in the day we are hopeful this is the start of some good weather not that you need it at a brewery.

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