World Trip 2009-2010: Day 59 – Dunedin, New Zealand

Sunday 24 January 2010
Highlights: Dunedin Aquarium, New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, Speight’s Brewery Tour

Unfortunately we woke up to more rain today, I’m still hopeful of better weather in the near future. We started the day with a visit to the local Aquarium which is a working research centre. In order to get to the aquarium we had to ride around the bay which gave us some great views although Kara was concerned about the road and the drop off into the ocean.

The aquarium itself was fairly small but did have some insightful displays. I think we all liked the touching pond and the shark ‘eating Andrew gave us some hope for the future. Erin loved the activity centre and I assisted her in colouring in some of the sea creatures. The gift shop got a good working over by everyone but me.  Kara in particular ended up with some items for an upcoming wedding.

We then headed back to Dunedin starting with the historic, and still operating, train station. The train station houses the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame which mostly concentrates on people from the local area but that does include Richard Hadlee. Viewing the Australasian Olympic uniform was interesting and reminded us that until 1920 New Zealand and Australia operated together on the international stage (this includes Davis Cup Tennis).

After lunch at a shopping mall we worked around Dunedin and again gifts were the order of the day not sure I’m getting anything however 😦 We returned to our hotel so Kara could change to go ice-skating with Andrew. I definitely wanted in on watching this event and I wasn’t disappointed. First Kara and later Andrew ended up on the ground unfortunately no photos exist but the memories will stay forever. Andrew went down when I told him I was timing him and he tried to go faster. Lots of laughs all round but mostly for me.

Leaving Erin and Kara at the hotel Jason, Andrew and I then headed off to Speight’s Brewery for a 6 pm tour. I’ve been on a though brewery tours so I didn’t learn much other than the local history and the current operations. For example over 200 people worked on making beers in the 1920s but now they only have 5 people making 150,000 litres each week.

The main event however was at the end of the tour, they give you 25 minutes to sample the beers. You need 2.5 small sample glasses to make one normal can of beer. You are supposed to have 6 glasses (about 2.5 cans) I managed to have 7 glasses and I avoided the dark beer, the Golden Beer was the best. Jason had 5 glasses (he was driving us) but Andrew somehow managed to drink 20, yes 20, glasses or about 8 cans in 25 minutes.

This was a stunning effort to be sure, especially as he was still walking relatively fine otherwise.  Still Kara wasn’t impressed when we returned to the hotel.

Tomorrow we have a Cadbury Chocolate tour and then head off to Queenstown.

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