World Trip 2009-2010: Day 60 – Dunedin to Queenstown, New Zealand

Monday 25 January 2010
Highlights: Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour

After a visit to the steepest road in the world, Baldwin Street, we headed off to the Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Factory. As the tour wasn’t suitable for children Jason and Erin went to a local park after getting breakfast. The happy three; Kara, Andrew and me, waited for our tour to start at 10 am. Andrew seemed to not suffer too badly from his drinking record from yesterday, I was worried about how the chocolate would go with the excess alcohol but it turned out fine.

Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras during the tour. I should be grateful they even allow tours as they have now stopped then in Australia. As a result of the upgrade health rules we only got handed wrapped chocolates instead of going crazy grabbing them as the rolled off the machine. Still I ended up with 5 chocolate bars and got to drink rich milk chocolate so still a good tour. At 11.20 am we set off for Queenstown which was about 4 hours drive. We stopped off at a small town for lunch and noticed that for the first time the sun was out in force, a good sign for the next few days.

At Queenstown after we settled into our accommodation we walked into the town. I now understand why everyone goes on about this town; it is set on a big lake and is very picturesque. Dinner at a pub near the water was a good way to enjoy the early evening. A bad way to finish the day was to go to the local Casino and loss my money. After we dropped Jason, Erin and Andrew back at our unit, Kara and I went back into town and I helped enrich the local economy. Kara I believe finished just up.

Interesting side note is Andrew can’t gamble at New Zealand casinos as he isn’t 20 yet. He can however bet at the races as they have a lower age for horse betting. I have never heard of different gambling ages for different types of betting.

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