World Trip 2006: Day 149 – Yangzhou, China

Thursday 24 August 2006
Highlights: Bike ride to Moon Hill, Magnificent landscape

Today was a day to work the body (especially given the heat & humidity) with a bike ride into the surrounding areas and a hike up Moon Hill.   Luckily my chest pains seen to have left me (having fruit last night might have helped), however I am now starting to feel a cold coming on.

Leaving around 8 am to avoid the worst of the heat our group took to the back roads to see this magnificent landscape.   Watching locals works the fields (and looking out for water buffalos!) I was taken aback by our happy everyone seemed to be.   Living in this area would be some of the poorest people in the world but they seem to be happy, maybe a lesson for us all.

At 11 am we got to Moon Hill which is named as such for the crest at the top.   While the others just order drinks I felt I need a sandwich before during to climb this baby.   We all set of together and I think we all have some difficulties with the never ending steps.   Around 45-55 minutes later I arrived at the ‘official’ top.   I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life!

Gareth, Bronwyn and I then set off to the real top which you are not supposed to climb.   The path is much harder as there are no steps and you really climb.   At most points they is only room for one person.   When we got there the views were magnificent despite the haze of the nearby hills and countryside. On the return to the base I enjoyed a drink with the group but decided to return directly to the town.

At around 3 pm I was back in the hotel and its welcome shower and air conditioning.   Not having the strength to do much more I only walked (slowly) around the town in the late afternoon and night. I now definitely have a cold.

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