World Trip 2006: Day 148: Chongqing to Yangzhou, China

Wednesday 23 August 2006
Highlights: Striking landscape

After our last included meal of the trip (all cruise meals were included), we left the Ferry for our travels to Yangzhou.   We caught a flight on Xiamen Airlines from Chongqing to Guilin, which is about 1 hour 20 minute flight.   A 1.5 hour bus trip to Yangzhou and at around 3 pm we were at our new base for the next 3 and 1/2 days.

While driving to Yangzhou we got to visit the striking landscape, filled with unless hills created by granite.   I have a room to myself again, which is good since I’m still feeling the chest pains from 4 days ago.   Glorious air conditioning awaited me as well, which is just as well as the humidity just keeps getting higher and higher (today I’d guess close to 80%).

I spent the late afternoon shopping with Miles and Bronwyn from my group.   Somehow I found myself at a local DVD/CD store which had a special on that in reality meant it cost 1 Australia Dollar per DVD.   They wonder why people buy (good) pirated copies 🙂

For dinner we ended up at Buffalo Cafe, which is a local establishment Brett (our guide) has worked at.   The group went for multiple Chinese dishes, I however went for a fruit platter given my condition.   I’m guessing the Chinese diet, rich in sugar and fat is causing the problems I’m experiencing.

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