World Trip 2006: Day 150 – Yangzhou, China

Friday 25 August 2006
Highlights: Learning tai’chi, ‘Chinese Lighting’ show

Determined to push through the cold I have I today signed up for a course in tai’chi.   I learnt during the lesson why I sucked at ‘Simon Says’ however I did manage some of the forms. Our instructor showed us how tai’chi can be used to attack or defend.   Bronwyn almost put me on the floor several times, I’m glad I   consider her a friend 🙂   The spiritual side of tai’chi is something I’d like to investigate further in the future.

I didn’t sign up for kungfu (luckily as I sweating a river at this stage), I ended up back in my room during to recover from the cold. During the evening I attended a ‘Chinese Lighting’ show.   First this show contained hundreds of performers.   The show uses, lights, shadows and water to tell a story (in Chinese so I couldn’t really understand).   I’m sure the show would win awards in the west.   Despite being 8pm at night it was funny watching the crowd (1000+) all trying to cool down.

It’s very hot all the time in August. Luckily I’m starting to feel like I’m getting over my cold, well almost over it.   Today was most likely my last day undertaking any interesting activities.   I now have to race to Hong Kong in time to catch my plane home.   I still hold out some hope of getting a gift for myself with me limited funds tomorrow before the big overnight train trip but after 150 days funds are running low.

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