World Trip 2006: Day 151 – Yangzhou to Guilin, China

Saturday 26 August 2006
Highlights: Relaxing day in Yangzhou

My last day in Yangzhou; a town that I have really enjoyed.   Getting up as late as possible since I have an overnight train later in the day I thought I’d check out the local shopping for any last minute gifts.

It turns out that what little money I have left will not let me purchase the type of gifts I’d prefer.   I did notice that most of the DVD/CD shops are now closed under government orders to protect international copyrights.   Most people are not happy with this arrangement. Going to the ‘Buffalo Cafe’ which seems like my local now, I enjoyed a western lunch (I’m not taking any chances anymore).   My cold seems to be getting better but we’ll see after tonight’s 14 hour overnight train trip. I spend the rest of the day updating my blog and e-mailing people back home.   I’m really at the stage now when I’m missing certain people.

The trip is mostly over now, I get into Hong Kong around 2-3 pm on Sunday and I’m leaving the next day.   I have just enough money for our farewell get together drinks on Sunday night but lunch on Monday might not be possible. It’s been an extraordinary trip, one that is hard to describe, but I’m ready to leave the high humidity of China and return to (hopefully) the more mild weather of Melbourne.

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