World Trip 2006: Day 116 – Helsinki, Finland

As this was my last day of ‘free breakfast’ as the tour was ending I helped myself to the large range on offer, a big hot breakfast!   I even liberated some oranges against the rules; well this place seems to be making a mint 🙂

Setting out as late as possible from the hotel as I moved into a 12 room hostel room 😦 I walked out at noon and what I found was rain!!!   Yes rain after all this time and I had a 40 minute walk to my hostel with my backpack on.   Checking into the hostel I at least got the pleasure of knowing that it was part of the Olympic Stadium (used in 1952), yes part of the wall.

The hostel had a lockout between 12 and 4 pm so I made my way back to the city centre and guess what the rain at stopped!   Not really being in the right frame of mind for touring I still checked out the Parliament building (200 MPs of which 76 are female plus a female President) and the great icebreaker ships. Later in the day I watch a very high standard women’s soccer match, it couldn’t have been a local event given the standard, very enjoyable.   I finished the day with some laundry and off the bed with a very unusual group in my room (male dorm, with a few children – a first for me, and some older man who snored).   I think the luxury hotels during the Russia tour might have spoiled me.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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