World Trip 1999-2000: Day 35 – Orlando, USA

Tuesday 14 December 1999
Disney MGM Theme Park, Beer inspired Uno Matches

We decided to start with the Disney-MGM Theme Park since it is the newest park and it involves movies so I felt we were bound to love it.

MGM has two great rides, the “Tower of Terror” and the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rollercoaster” which featured a pre-show from Aero Smith.  Other highlights included “Drew Carey’s Sounds Dangerous Animation Show” and the history of movies show and ride.

To top it off there was a brilliant Mickey Mouse sound, light and water show after dark using lasers.  A spectacular show enjoyed by all.  Being so close to Christmas MGM also had over 5 million Christmas lights display.

Back at the hostel we drank beers, 5 for me, and played Uno with Sean, Alex & Matt from Australia and Justin from Upper USA until 1 am.  As it was against the rules to drink beers at the hostel we had to be very sneaky!

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