World Trip 1999-2000: Day 34 – Savannah to Orlando, USA

Monday 13 December 1999
Running into a former school and cricket team friend

We got up early for our longest non-overnight bus ride of 7 hours to Orlando.  I should probably say Kissimmee since that was the bus station and hostel’s actual address.

Unbelievably we run into Sean Kiley who both Jon and I played cricket with at Salesian College and who was one year between as both.  Sean introduced us to two other Sunbury boys.  It turns out it is a very small world indeed.  Our group ended up playing a few hands of ‘assy’ as we caught up.

Better still was the news that there is a planned space launch on Thursday night while we are still here.  A once in a lifetime chance with any luck.  With this in mind we purchased a 4 Day Disney World pass with an option to sell back a day for $30 if we end up going to a space launch.  So we should either see a shuttle launch or spend an extra day in one of the Disney Parks.

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