World Trip 1999-2000: Day 25 – New Orleans, USA

Saturday 4 December 1999
: Street Car, French Quarter, Classic Jazz

We got in around 9 am after a 12 hour bus trip from Dallas. It appears that in general Americans can be a little short tempered with bad attitudes, at least on long bus rides. They are definitely more assertive standing up for what they see as there rights.

The bad news was our hostel beds turned out have bed bugs. Luckily we had only gone to sleep for around 10 minutes when a backpacker woke up screaming about them. I ended up with only a few bites, this poor guy looked like he had many hundreds of bites. The hostel moved us to a better dorm minus our little guests.

After a few hours sleep and a much needed shower we headed out to see the town. We caught a local Street Car (aka as a tram back home) from the hostel to the famous French Quarter. Lots of houses sporting foreign designs not like anything else I have seen in the USA. We had dinner at the Quarter Scene, the grilled chicken was perfect.

Later we strolled down Bourbon Street. Everything seems to be for sale here including entry to strip clubs and possibility illegal drugs. Entering a club we had a few expensive beers and listened to some excellent Jazz.

On the way back to the hostel a con artist tried to scam me exactly as per the Lonely Planet guide warning. Excellent!

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