Lounge Review – Virgin Australia Canberra Airport Lounge

When visited: January 2020
Time of day: Late Afternoon to early evening

Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Flying in Business Class on a Virgin Australia flight
  • Be a Virgin Australia Platinum or Gold member flying on a Virgin Australia flight
  • Purchase a Single Entry lounge pass using 10,000 Velocity Points or at reception on the day of travel for $65
  • Velocity Silver, Red and Non-members travelling on Virgin Australia operated flights can also purchase a Lounge Experience Pass prior to arrival at the airport via Manage
  • Your Booking from $44 (limited airports but includes Canberra)

I gained access by virtue of being a Velocity (Virgin Australia’s membership program) Gold Member even though I was only flying in economy class.

The Virgin Australia Canberra Airport Lounge is located on Level 3, Western Concourse Terminal, you turn left after clearing security and go up escalators to Level 3 opposite Gate 7.

Lounge Opening Hours: The Lounge is open seven days a week from 60 minutes prior to their first flight departure until their last flight is called for boarding.

This is a very sizeable area with bright white surfaces and many stylistic modern chairs and different types of low, medium and high level tables. The Lounge overlooks the tarmac and receives significant natural light.

An all-day dinning service is available for the time I was in the lounge their were salads, cold meats, fresh fruit, breads and biscuits. You can also make hot and cold sandwishes (using sandwich press for hot sandwishes). They also had hotdogs and party pies on offer.

You can self serve soft drink, orange juice and wines with bar service for beers and barista style coffees.

Includes: Toilets / Showers / Wi-fi / Computers / Power Charging Outlets and a few TV screens displaying local ABC 24 news. The were also a few different magazines available.

The range of food (I loved the hot dog offer) and the natural light.

When my flight to Melbourne was delayed they took it off the display screen for over 90 minutes meaning I had no idea of the status, normally even when departure tes is unknown the flight will still be displayed.

I was expecting to be visiting this lounge at all but due to extreme weather at my destination (Melbourne) we were delayed for more than 3 hours and I stayed in the lounge for 2 hours going to the gate when directed but we were still caught at the gate for almost an hour.

These delays are make a lot easier by having lounge access. Virgin Australia don’t have a lot of flights out of Canberra but this feels like a full service capital city lounge just with a lot less guests.

Qantas domestic lounges always feel more business minded whereas Virgin seems to aim for light and friendly while still having everything you need for a business trip.

I’ve only ever visit one other Virgin Australia lounge that of Melbourne and based on this sample of two they seem to have good to very good lounges which cover all the basics and even exceed them in some areas.

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