Constant  evolution

Forget the past. Tomorrow is a new day. New day, new hopes and new life.
Lailah Gifty Akita

Life is always in consistent motion.  Sometimes we don’t see that or don’t want to see that but it is true nonetheless.  My life is at a major turning point, I believe for the better but I guess change is really about how you tackle it and what you do with it.

Some of the major changes and upheavals include;

  1. My sister Lana and brother-in-law Steve are likely to divorce.
  2. My nephew Andrew is engaged to his girlfriend the beautiful and amazing Danelle.
  3. A treasured friend has taken a sabbatical from her office job to start a small business selling healthy juice style drinks.
  4. I’m in the early stages of a new relationship with a lovely lady who lives in Adelaide.
  5. I’m changing jobs leaving a topic and division that I have specialised in for 12 years to take up a specialist marketing role.
  6. I’m selling my investment property in Queensland.

These events have all happened very unexpectedly in the past 6-8 weeks.  Some good, some scary and some sad.

I feel a since of optimism about the future, the unexplored country, the unexpected turns.  I sense real prolonged happiness is there for the taking if I’m willing to take some chances, some risks, if I’m willing to evolve with the situation.


The uncertain and exciting path forward


About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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