Myrtleford Easter Tennis Tournament 2014

Highlights: Playing (& winning a set) with my mum on her 70th birthday! Erin’s bunny dance.

The annual event I have been coming to since 1998 only missing in 2006 when I was in South Africa for a world trip. The 16th time I’ve played and no winners but last year’s singles runners up being my best performance.

This year I was attending driving down with my nephew Andrew and we were staying in a hotel room near my mum (Helen), brother (Reagan), sister (Kara), brother in-law (Jason), and niece (Erin).

Andrew was late out of work making me think we were in for a very long Easter drive but it might actually have helped and 3.5 hours after leaving we arrived.

Tennis Results:
Men’s D Doubles (w/ Reagan) 7-1

An enjoyable start with Andrew doing well in Men’s B Singles carrying a shoulder injury. We had some rain but somehow it cleared fast and got to play my men’s doubles set with my brother.

After Erin explained you couldn’t get Yahtzee with these new dice and bet me Easter eggs, three yahtzees later I had a concerned little girl who decided to quit playing :). After winning this bet I should have quit but no a visit to local pokies venue to deposit money into the community

Tennis Results:
Men’s Veterans Doubles (w/ Jim Flynn) 1-7, 0-7
Men’s C Doubles (w/ Leon Roche) 6-7, 4-7

My first ever veterans match, qualification a you must be over 40, how’d that happen so fast :(. Only one game in veterans but they are all crazy good. At least we lost to eventual champions.

My mother and brother collected a big racing double but no love for me at the races. Saturday is BBQ night followed up with watching a terrible Essendon loss. Why did the boys so play so bad??

Tennis Results:
Men’s D Doubles (w/ Reagan) 7-1, 7-5, 3-7

Early morning visit from the bouncing bunny known as my niece Erin. A very happy day for her, especially later when she was giving out Easter eggs to the other kids. Erin did have a set back falling off her scooter, cut nose and bruised head. Still by the end of the day we had our bouncing bunny while the adults discuss meaning of life under the stars around a fire.

Reagan and myself progressed well in the doubles winning our group and beating another group winner. Good performance we lost to better players.

DAY 4 EASTER MONDAY (AKA Mum’s birthday)
Tennis Results:
Mixed D Doubles (w/ Helen aka mum) 3-7, 7-2

A very early start with our first match at 8 am. I didn’t have high expectations but my mum wants to try to play tennis again and it worked out to be her birthday. No chance in first match but we had some sudden death games and were competitive. The next match was a dead rubber but we (Andrew) organised a special birthday anmouncement. This was followed up with a victory making mum very happy. I’ve never finished with victory as usually playing knockout finals, felt good as Andrew and me headed home in time to catch the new Spider-Man movie.

2014 Easter Tournament done and dusted. Another year with clean country air and a chance to catch up with friends and family.


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