The brilliant future

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremony of DOXA Cadets.

DOXA is an organisation that attempts to improve the life and opportunities of disadvantaged children and young people.

They have a number of programs including the Cadetship program that helps disadvantaged students attend and complete University studies. This is done with a workplace sponsor that includes a mentor.

I’ve had the privilege of being Malvina Sadiku’s mentor since 2011. Malvina has overcome a lot moving to another country, losing her father, learning a new language and to a large extent looking after her mother and younger brother.

Malvina will shortly be completing her degree after working two jobs, getting married and successfully gaining Australian citizenship.

Meeting young people like Malvina, Donna (another cadet I mentor), Marta (a cadet I supervise) and their fellow cadets I’m reminded of the enthusiasm of youth, the hard work they are willing to do. We just need to give people a chance, an opportunity. You can’t be cynical once you people this cadets.

People talk about our great country. If you want to make it rurally great we much give back, reward those who want to contribute. Let’s make this a ‘lucky’ country by creating environment for anyone, not just the privileged, to succeed.

Thank you DOXA and thank you Malvina, Donna and Marta.

How to support.


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