Myrtleford Easter Tennis Tournament – Day 1

Good Friday saw me back at Myrtleford for the local tennis tournament which I have been attending since 1999. This was a real family affair as I’m staying at a local hotel with my mother (Helen), brother (Jason), sister (Kara), brother-in-law (Jason) and niece (Erin) in a family room with my nephew Andrew and his girlfriend Amber next door.

Today I was scheduled for and 8.30 am kick off which I made easily enough having been woken by Reagan around 7 am. Since returning to Australia I’ve barely won a set but recently I’ve been getting closer and I was feeling better. Still I thought I was only playing singles to get practise on grass for later doubles events.

My results for the day were surprising;
Singles D Grade
Rd 1: James Kelly 8-4
Rd2: Ben O’Day forfeit win
QF: Luke Oliver 8-4

Doubles D Grade (w Reagan)
Group Stage: Killian & Lachan McGregor 7-1

So I ended up winning 4 matches 3 of them on my merits. I did have my main racquet break on me when warming up for the doubles, I swear I didn’t smash it into the fence or ground.

Reagan is playing some really good tennis right now maybe we might progress in the draw for a while.

Today gave my a chance to see my old mixed tennis partner Catherine and her beautiful new baby Hannah :).

Being Good Friday most people try not to eat meat (it’s a Catholic thing) and Reagan and Jason organised orders early however at pick up it was organised (maybe) chaos with most individual’s order missing something 😦

Tennis wise a surprisingly great result day.



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