Myrtleford Easter Tennis Tournament – Day 2

Today saw me playing 5 sets as I progressed in the D Grade singles to my first final after 12 previous attempts.

D Grade Singles
Semi Final – Andrew Robertson 8-7 (7-2 tie break)
Final – Jordan Forbes 3-8

C Grade Doubles (w Leon Roche)
Steve Lloyd / Scott Matheson 7-2
Joe Thorpe / Kyle Baxter 0-7

D Grade Doubles (w Reagan Burgess)
Kieran Robertson / Lindsay Spencer 2-7

The 0-7 loss with Leon in the C Doubles. Was us being totally outclassed by a far superior combination who also are playing B Grade. I was happy with winning the other first match.

Losing the D Doubles match with Reagan was very disappointing. I gave us a good chance of progressing far in the tournament but we were both of during the match. There were 7 sudden death games highlighting how close the match actually was. You only need to be off you game for a few minutes and its all over.

In the singles I won a marathon semi final match to start my day. I won the tie break by a good margin but until the last three points I didn’t believe I would win.

In the final I was beaten by Jordan Forbes who played a clever match rallying for long periods and only when necessary hit ‘hard’ forehand winners. A worthy winner.

After playing this tournament so many times it was a major surprise to do so well, especially given my low fitness levels and lack of game play since my world trip.

Later that night I went to the local pokies venue with my mother and sister and actually won some money! Another surprise.

After playing 51 long games I was still very happy despite not progressing past the group stage in my doubles events 🙂

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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